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13 May 2009 @ 07:15 pm
Today was a normal, boring day at school...And just now a storm is just arriving.. It was later in Tampa and there were reported tornados there. Just one, but FL tornados only last a couple minutes. Also, theres dangerous lightning going on, so If I'm not on the computer again then that probably means my power is out. : ) Thank you and good-bye.


12 May 2009 @ 02:34 pm
Now I can talk about other things other than that stupid essay. I turned it in today, and I got a good grade... I think he wrote down 100, he didn't even read it, just looked to see is everything is there. Perhaps he'll read it sometime soon. I also got a 100 on my last Geometry test. I'm excited. The end of highschool here I come! I'm getting more optamistic about graduating next year.

I'm in the process of changing my profile again... I had the urge to start over and start a new journal, but what good will that do?

Heres the picture of the bracelets Brittany:
 The first two are hand-me-downs from a rich girl, the daughter of my summer boss, so I don't know. They are more silvery in real like, in the picture they look kinda yellow, ne? The last one I was going to give to my Japanese pen pal, but I found out you can't send stuff like that abroad. So, what will it be?

Right now, I'm getting a real weird obsession on an old show I, and probably everyone, use to watch. I'm looking up the old episodes on youtube and even started listening to her songs again... Can anyone guess who it is? She is an old Disney Channel star, quite as famous as Miley Cyrus is right now with Hannah Montana. Thats your hint.

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11 May 2009 @ 03:58 pm

Even though there are strange and interesting animals to keep well, Veterinarians and Veterinarian Technicians do the best they can and they enjoy what they do. In a normal setting of a typical day of a Veterinarian Technician, they may get patients who are ill, patients who need serious medical attention and patients that just need their annual check-up. Technicians also help perform surgery on an animal. They may do small things like putting the animal down for surgery, hooking them up to monitors and then help performing the surgery itself. During surgery, workers must protect the patient and themselves, therefore, they must wear a medical mask. Students, and vollunteers will be given instructions to breathe slowly, but if they cannot handle the mask, step out quietly. Performing surgery is a delicate procedure and it can result in success or death, whatever the case, it is a Technician's job to make sure the animal is fully sedated and comfortable after the procedure. Unexpected things can happen to a pet to the point where it is crazy, so owners must be aware of the unexpected, but if something unexpected happens to your pet, people like Veterinarians and Veterinarian Technicians are there to help.

11 May 2009 @ 02:12 pm

Birds are lovely, colorful, and delightful, but there are some that prefer scaley, coldblooded reptiles as pets. Most people do not like reptiles because of their teeth, touch, and reputation, but there are others who see the real beauty in these beasts. When you think of a reptile being in someone's home, you first think of snake, right? Snakes have no limps, they slither around, and use their tongue as a sense of smell and taste. They have many patterns, much like other reptiles, that let off different messages to whomever it accounters. Different individual snakes have different tastes in habitat and feeding, one may perfer to have wood shavings and another may like sand better; one may like to have a rat for supper and another would perfer a bird. It is important to understand their likes or dislikes while being kept as a pet. Boas and pythons are constrictures, meaning they wrap their body around their prey and suffocate it before feeding. What happens is is that the snake prevents the ribs from moving and the lung from expanding. Therefore, the prey can no longer breathe and will die. Rats and mice are usually the food for pet snakes, if not, birds, tree frogs, and lizards can be used. A snake shouldn't be fed too much or too little, if fed too much it can cause malnutrition as well as not feeding it enough, and in snakes that is a serious problem. Stress is one of the major killers of reptiles, it can cause one to catch a disease, to not eat and to become discolored. If the stress is left untreated theres no chance that the reptile will survive, it must be kept in appropriet termpuratures and should not be handled. From deciding to get a reptile to choosing which reptile, there really is not an easy one and a hard one to take care of. You have to have the right environment, the right kind of food and you have to regularly feed them on a schedule and keep at it. With reptiles like turtles and lizards, they need plenty of room to roam and warmth in their aquarium. For a lizard the temperature has to be just right, too high will make their body go out of control and too low will stop them completely. For turtles, in the wild they sun bathe to regulate their body temperature so an owner must provide a light to keep them warm, but you also need a cool area for them to sleep. As long as they are healthy and happy, your reptiles will live a long life.

Happy mother's day! I had breakfast with my mom and just came back from the library with books on birds, and I just got finished with the bird's paragraph.. It was so hard! I hardly could find any information in the books, because it was mostly about wild birds... Anyways, this is my essay paragraph:

Even though mammals are loved almost everywhere, lots of people enjoy the loud, but cheery chirping of pet birds. Birds are interesting animals because of their ancestry and unique bone structure, but what makes them so popular are the bright colors staining their wings. A bird, or fowl, contains all the basic bone parts found in our anatomy: spine, limbs, head, and ribs. Even though birds look fragile and have hollow bones to succeed in flight, a bird's bone is very strong to withstand from snapping under the stress of wing beats. Inside their bones are tiny mazes of internal struts, much like that of a plane's hollow wings). Though birds in the wild may need to fly to survive, it is probably best that pet birds do not. Some pet owners get their bird's wings clipped, either clipping it themselves or taking them into the clinic to get them clipped. Its painless and fast, and the little pet bird wouldn't have an accident with any dangerous household items. Even though your bird is properly clipped, he or she may still be in danger because they can still flutter about. Things like a ceiling fan, should be avoided when your bird is out of it's cage and the owner, after that, should keep a close watch. When finding a pet bird to bring home look for one that is active, with bright eyes and shiny wings; one that is sitting at the bottom of the cage, looking tired and droppy, with discharge around their eyes and nostrils most likely has a serious problem. The proper diet for a pet bird is also important to keep a pet bird lively and happy. A bird's food is close to that of a rodents, mostly grains and assortments of seeds and nuts. Many birds eat seeds and nuts as part of their diets, like Finches, who have thick beaks with enough power to crack open the seed coats. Finches are small birds with sharp edges on their beaks, they are ideal for someone who has little time on their hands and would rather look than touch their pets because finches do not like to be handled often. However, parrots are opposite, who love to be handled. From mammals to birds, both are different, but both must be taken to see a Veterinarian regulary for a check up.